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Importance of Oral Hygiene

Dental disease is a common health problem in dogs. It can lead to bad breath; swollen, bleeding gums; loose teeth; difficulty eating and even more severe problems. But you can easily avoid these problems with routine oral care.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

As a pet owner, you want to make sure that their life is as long, happy and healthy as possible. Some pet problems, like constant scratching, tick & fleas, stress & anxiety, hip & joint problems have a tendency to leave us scratching our heads. Save time and money on your pet’s care with Valentin’s range of Health products.

We were having issues with our dogs, Bella and Ragga’s skin and coats. It was a terrible combination of too oily but dry, and all of them had patches of missing hair and hard, almost calloused skin. We tried them on various products that promised everything but delivered nothing. We were almost about to give up when we heard of the Valentin Skin and Coat & Hot Spot remedies, and in a last ditch effort, we tried it. The difference has been phenomenal! Bella and Ragga has gone from having patchy coats and itchy skin to being healthy and happy. Their coats have never been as silky-smooth as they are now and the bare patches of hard skin have started growing hair again. They love the peanut butter flavour and never say no to the remedy. And we have peace-of-mind knowing that our dogs are enjoying a happy life due to your all-natural product! Thank you so much!

Attie Jansen van Vuuren

Dippy was a highly agitated dog due to his sensitive skin. He had dry patches at the back of his legs, underneath his tummy and was constantly scratching. I started using the Valentin Skin & Coat in Conjunction with Valentin Hot Spot Spray and in two weeks noticed that his fur had re grown over the spots on his legs and underneath his tummy. Since using Valentin his coat looks silky smooth and shiny and he is a much happier dog due to the constant itching that has stopped. He is now much more sociable and enjoys people’s attention. I would definitely recommend Valentin Health Products for dogs that struggle with the same symptoms.

Daan Nel

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